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More Personal photos coming soon...click an image to enlarged
12 Volunteers in

9 Reached the end of our full service and made it home.


My Journal (unedited)

Some images and icons of Ukraine.  Most from Ternopil Ukraine, the town Mark served in.  Gwen served in Poltova.

Map of the town Mark lived in

Ternopil Ukraine

Center Park

Ball Fountain (I only saw it on once)

The crappy hotel we had to stay at when we visited the Pease Corps office

Ternopil Lake dam


Trollybus ant night

Little Disneyland

My Waterheater

Familiar Ukrainian Icons

"Assorted Meats" store

Drivers Education

Babushka on a bench


Babushka Crocheting

My Bank in Ternopil


A "Bap" or Bar?

Ukrainian Vacuum


The Bread Kiosk

Nice bus!!

Ternopil Bus Station


Ukraine's Best Candy


Babushka Peddling Cigarettes


Cigarette Kiosk


Babushka Peddling Corn


Local Dentist


"Do you know where they are now?


Ukrainian Fire truck


Want to buy a fish?


Ukrainian Garbage Truck


Café Cosmos


Modern Kiosk


Old Kiosk


National Drink (besides Vodka


Levi's in Ukraine! Where?


Guess what they sell?


Shipping and Handling not included!


"Marshutka" the small bus


Ukrainian National Bread




The "other post office" nobody told me about


Ukrainian Souvenirs


UA Beautiful Ukraine" billboard